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他们偷不走你长期视角:Craigslist起始于SF,在哈佛的Facebook,Google带来的数百万计的页,并且微软只是开始于最初的基本解释。每个人都有一个短期的基本市场。而真正的问题是你的长期目标是什么?你的长远目标和路径是不能被窃取走的。但某人试图窃取你的构想,他们通常只是偷走了你当前追逐的市场。你能想象到 ConnectU 能拥有像Mark那样的见识和Facebook这样的平台?对此我表示怀疑。

They cannot steal your domain expertise: Truly great ideas are organic and usually come through your own experiences. Marc Benioff started salesforce after years of understanding the business software space by working at Oracle. Many other startups are born through founders frustrations with processes in areas they have domain expertise in. This deep understanding, especially in vertical and/or very specific engineering cases can only come through first hand experience.

他们偷不走你的专长领域:真正伟大的构想是有机的并且通常是建立在你自身的经验之上。Marc Benioff 开始销售工作是在Oracle工作之后理解了商业软件空间的运营。许多另外领域的创业都是诞生在他们的专业领域的经验的挫败基础上。更深层次的理解就是,特别是在垂直的及非常具体的工程成功例子中,只能通过第一手的亲自经验。

They cannot steal your market failure driven pivots: The successful version of your product or eventually products will certainly look different than the idea someone stole, which was likely in the napkin phase at the time. After they steal your initial idea a fork in the road is formed by the pivots and failures that you go through. Someone who actually has the balls to steal your idea will be so blindly in love with it that they will most likely be closed to feedback which may alter it.


They cannot steal your talent (at this point): Do you think the Winkelvoss twins could have recruited the tech team that is in place at Facebook today? It takes a certain class of founder to attract top notch talent. Many think that they can just outsource the development work overseas or have someone write copy for $10 an hour to make things sell. Thats just foolish. If you surround yourself with insanely smart people you trust in the early days they cannot be stolen. If they can, then you picked the wrong people to be cofounders. Only when youre beyond the idea stage does poaching from similar companies become a problem.


They cannot steal your analytical insights: The data you collect in your early days is so very important and for the most part so very unique to your exact concept. Track every click, every conversion, and every complaint from a user. Find out what is working and most importantly what isnt working. People trying to steal your idea will think that pixels are there just because they look pretty in that place or that those exact words were there because they sounded smart. What they dont know is that every pixel and every word in place has meaning through rigorous analytical insights. Heres a great post that scientifically explains a lot of the analytics and metrics you should be tracking.


They cannot steal your plans for generating revenue: You can break down most revenue models on the Internet down to their simplest form as either advertising based or charging for something. The real value comes from the details. Who are you charging? How much? What type of ads are you running? Why can you charge that rate? Why does it convert? The most someone can steal is your pricing page or your rate card. They cant steal the endless testing, customer development, and insights behind those numbers. You should almost hope they play follow the leader here. When it comes time for your competitors to change these numbers, they wont know what to do. Youll be far far ahead before they realize what to do.


They cannot steal your passion for great service: Shoes. Effing Shoes. at customer service. Thats what Zappos sells. If someone tried to steal the idea for Zappos over a decade ago they would have probably said: Lets set up an ecommerce shop for shoes. Those Zappos guys are making a killing. Its a great idea! What they would have missed is the passion for great customer service. Do you think someone trying to steal the idea for Wufoo would steal the concept to write thank you notes to customers? I doubt it.


They cannot steal your passion to make this idea a reality: People stealing ideas are often followers. They are a product of the passion and vision you have displayed to them. They may often get passionate about the idea for a few days, but that passion will surely fade almost instantly once they realize the difficulties that lie ahead.


Since a懂得把握现在n idea is just a snapshot, they will often lose passion/energy once they find themselves lost as to what lies beyond that one snapshot.


They cannot steal your luck: Luck is a funny thing. Its a weird multiplier of success. It just happens (or doesnt happen) to startups. It might be the difference between very little money or a whole lot of money. When it hits, boy is it sweet. You cant steal luck. Its like a ghost that you can only faintly see in the photograph afterwards. If someone tried to steal it, they would probably be grabbing at air.


Be但仔细想想 open with your ideas (Chris Dixon gives good insight here). I suggest sharing your ideas in a blog post to solicit feedback. It worked well for me. They will change by the time they become real businesses. Dont worry about someone stealing the idea, worry about the things they cannot steal.

打开你的构思(Chris Dixon在这里给予的良好洞察力)。我建议讲你的构思放到博客并给予分享。对我而言这是十分有益的。构思会随着时间的变化而成长为真正的生意。不要担心某人会偷走构思,担心那些他们不能获取走的。

I love to sit at the intersection of marketing and building a product on the web that is simple, elegant, and provides value to a user. I like to identify problems way before solutions, and make the world a better place through technology. Im usually in more of a business/marketing role, but I love to get my hands dirty in actual code, infrastructure, and design. You can usually find me on Hacker News.